Our Work

Our Work

CE7 – Narrative Feature

22 years ago they visited earth and on this date they have returned for the harvest!

Meadowoods –  Narrative Feature USA and Overseas Distribution

In a sleepy and uneventful small town, three college students, bored and desperate to make their mark, plot a savage and merciless murder.

Disturbing, Psychologically Numbing Experience The Premise Is Simple Yet Horrically Brilliant. I Stonrgly Urge You To Find It And Watch It.

House Of Horrors

Dark, Unsettling, And At Times – All Too Real. Totally Intense

Dread Central

Exerts A Primal Hold On The Emotions That Keeps You Watching, Dreading What’s Coming Next.

Michael Gingold - Fangoria.com

In the Dead of the Night – short film just completed

A salesman is heading home after a long road trip.  Before seeing his family again he needs to make one more stop to bury the body.

It Just Is – Short Film

A dysfunctional family gets a rare opportunity to have dinner with God.  Their simplistic questions tire him but the inquiry of a little girl leaves God searching for how to explain.


Last Looks – Short Film

An aging actress gets to relive her glory days or is it just a sign she is going insane.


Dead Air- Short Film

A shock jock radio announcer rips into a late night caller.  It’s not personal, just ratings.  But fame is fleeting.